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Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

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Hair gel is a common styling product that many of us use every day. In fact, many of us use it without even giving it a second thought.

Could your hair gel be causing you more harm than good?

That’s the topic we are going to explore today. Does hair gel cause hair loss? It’s something we all need to know a little more about.

Let’s explore.


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Can Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss?

Hair gel contains many ingredients, some of which are not going to be good for you and some things your hair may even take a dislike to.

Many of us try one brand of hair gel and then quickly switch to another because it didn’t go well. Maybe there is a reason for that.

Can hair gel cause hair loss?

Not necessarily but some of the ingredients may give your hair a problem which can eventually lead to contributing to hair loss.

Hair gel contains alcohol which is extremely drying for your hair. Hair is not meant to be dry and needs some type of moisture.

If you are consistently applying gel to your hair without allowing it to gain some kind of moisture then yes this could lead to hair loss.



Ingredients To Look Out For In Hair Gel

Some ingredients that you should look out for in gels that could be harmful to your hair are:



As discussed earlier, alcohol can make your hair extremely dry. When this happens your hair is going to be prone to breakage due to extreme dryness.



A lot of products contain parabens. Parabens are preservatives which are a group of chemicals used to prolong the life of a product.

This is great for the product but not so much for your hair.



Hair gel also contains silicones. Silicones are there to make your hair look shiny.

Whilst silicones may do their job well your hair will be suffering because of it.

Silicones are harmful to your hair because they coat your hair shaft making it difficult for your hair to absorb the nutrients that it needs.


Hair gel and hair loss


Can Hair Gel Stop Your Hair From Growing?

Hair gel can certainly hinder your hair growth. Anything that is not helping your hair to grow or allowing it to grow is going to be hindering it which is not a good thing.


Side Effects Of Using Gel


1. Dries Hair

Hair gel can cause dryness in your hair leading to a host of other problems such as hair breakage, hair loss and scalp irritation.


2. Coats The Hair Shaft

In order for your hair to flourish it needs to be able to breathe and absorb the necessary nutrients.

When your hair is not able to do this it becomes weak and brittle.


3. Can Cause Dandruff

Not only does hair gel affect your hair but it can also affect your scalp too. One of the common irritations to your scalp is dandruff.


Regular Hair Gel Alternatives

If after reading all of the information above and you still feel that you want to use hair gel then I would suggest that you opt for some of the healthier alternatives that are out there.

These options will not cause as much damage to your hair as consistently using regular hair gel.


Flaxseed Gel

Flaxseed gel is a great alternative to regular gel because it is made from a natural ingredient.

It is also very light so it won’t weigh down your hair allowing it to still breathe and take in nutrients.

You can opt to make your own flaxseed gel or you can get a store brought one here. The store-bought option will not be as good as homemade as the store-bought gel will need to contain preservatives.

Store-bought flaxseed gel is still a better option to regular gel.

You can buy flaxseeds here.


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Aloe Vera Gel

Aloe vera gel is another great option. Aloe vera is extremely moisturising for your hair. You can make your own aloe vera gel or get a store-bought option.

You can read about the benefits of aloe vera juice here.


Aloe very gel for hair 


Other Causes Of Hair Loss

Hair loss is not just boiled down to hair gel alone. There can be a number of other reasons for hair loss if you are experiencing it.

Take a closer look at some of the other products that you are using for your hair and research the ingredients involved.

You may find that the ingredients are not the best for your hair.

It’s always going to be better to use products that don’t contain silicones, sulfate and parabens if you can.


Final Thoughts On Does Hair Gel Cause Hair Loss

Whilst hair gel alone does not necessarily cause hair loss there will be factors around it that will not help the health of your hair.

Anything that is not helping your hair to grow or allowing it to grow is hindering it.

I would strongly suggest you look for kinder alternatives if you like to use a lot of gel in your hair.


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