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11 Benefits Of Trimming Hair That You Seriously Need To Know!

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If you have been shying away from trimming your hair, today is the day that you need to stop.

For many years I didn’t believe that trimming your hair had had any benefits at all.  In fact, I’m going to be real with you here because that’s what I’m all about.

I thought that people who trimmed their hair were just being extra, they just wanted to do it because their hairdresser told them to and not because they needed to.

I especially didn’t think that black women needed to get their hair trimmed.

Little did I know all those years ago how wrong I was.  There are serious benefits of trimming hair which I will go through with you in just a moment.


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What Does Trimming Your Hair Entail?

When you trim the ends of your hair you are essentially getting rid of some of the damage that your hair can experience through day to day activities. Trimming your hair is also known as dusting the ends of your hair because you are getting rid of the parts that could be damaged.


How Often Should You Trim Your Hair?

There are varied opinions on how often you should trim your hair.  A lot of that decision should be based on your personal circumstances.

For example, if you tend to do a lot of things with your hair then it is likely that you would need to trim more often.

If you do fairly low maintenance hairstyles like twist outs then you may find that you won’t need to trim your hair as much.

The more you get to know your hair the easier it will be to see when you are due for a trim.

If you are new to trimming then as a guide its a good idea to trim your hair every 4 months or so but if you want to try and retain more length then you could wait a little longer than that timeframe, perhaps 6- 8 months instead.

If you do want to wait longer then I would suggest that you are extremely careful with your hair and keep manipulation to a minimum.

You can check out the signs that your hair needs a trim here


If you are going to trim your own hair please please please use professional scissors to do so.  They are fairly cheap and will make all the difference to your hair.  You can get some from here.


Does Cutting Hair Help With Hair Loss?

Cutting hair on its own does not help with hair loss.

What is does do is to give the illusion that your hair is much fuller than what is actually is.

If you are noticing hair loss in places then it would be a good idea to get yourself a short hairstyle so that the loss is not as evident.

If you are worried that your hair loss is much more significant then it would be wise to see a hair specialist.


Is Trimming Good For Hair Growth?

The misconception that a lot of people have is that trimming your hair will make it grow faster.  That is simply just not true.

Trimming your hair does not make it grow faster but what it does do is to help promote healthy hair growth.

If you feel that the ends of your hair are looking a little bit raggedy and not very lifelike then its quite possible that you could be due for a trim.


What’s The Difference Between A Trim and A Hair Cut?

Although there are some similarities between a haircut and a trim there are differences also.

When you trim your hair you only take a small amount of your hair off.  Perhaps 1/2 inch at a time.

A haircut is much more distinct and can be any amount of hair.  You may have had long hair and decided to go completely short.

Whist both are technically cutting your hair, trimming is a much milder version.


My Biggest Tip For You

If there is one important thing that I can tell you about trimming your hair it is that you should always make sure you use proper professional scissors.  These are specially made for hair cutting.

If you try to trim your hair with regular scissor you will get split ends as they are not made for that purpose.

You can get yourself some hair cutting scissors here if you feel that you would like to trim your own hair at home.


11 Benefits of Trimming Hair


1. Great For Growth

Trimming your hair may seem counterproductive if you are trying to build length but I can assure you that it is not.

The benefits of trimming hair are immense.

When you trim your hair you are taking away the parts of your hair that are doing more damage than good.  This gives way to the ability for healthy hair to begin to grow.

If you have been struggling to maintain growth trimming could make a very big difference to you.


2. Promotes Healthy Hair

Healthy hair is a must if you want something to be proud of.

It is completely pointless having long hair if when people look at it it looks fried and frizzled (if that’s even a word).

Damaged hair will literally be holding on by a thread and you will likely experience a lot more breakage as an effect of it.

You need to keep your hair in the best possible condition by trimming it regularly.


3. Gets Rid of Split Ends

Split ends are everyone’s enemy. No one likes them.

When you start to get split ends there is no way that you can repair them.  A hair that was a single healthy strand has now divided into two making it much weaker and shabby looking.

If you think that just by being more gentle with split ends they won’t get any worse that is not true.

Split ends travel.  The only way to stop a split end travelling and making things worse is to trim it off.  This is why regular trimming should be a necessary part of your hair regimen.


4. Gets Rid of Swollen Ends

Have you ever seen a person that has swollen looking ends?

Its where the ends of the hair look puffier than the hair that is closer to the root.

Well, that shows damage.  You need to trim it.


5. No More Heat Damage

We’ve all probably suffered from some type of heat damage before.  The main culprits of this are usually hair straighteners or blow-drying.

Unfortunately, once you have heat damage you can’t repair it.

I know some product manufacturers say that you can repair heat damage but you can’t.  Once heat damage is there that’s pretty much it.  Your only option is to cut it off and grow it again.

If cutting your hair makes your stomach turn into a knot then opt to trim it every month until the damage has gone.

The next time you feel like straightening your hair try doing it this way instead.


6. Easier To Style

Having hair that is damaged or the ends just don’t look great makes styling that much more difficult because it is almost like working with 2 different textures of hair and not in a good way.

Damaged hair tends not to do what you want it too which makes styling a lot harder.


7. Makes Hair Look Thicker

Once you start to trim your hair you will immediately see the positive effects on your hair.

Your hair will look much thicker and healthier from root to tip.


8. Prevents Single Strand Knots

Single strand knots can be a bit of a nightmare for those of us with curly natural hair.  This is because the strands of hair tend to twist and tangle around each other.

There is not really a whole lot that you can do to prevent it.  Keeping your hair in a stretched out state can help to reduce the effects but you might not always want your hair stretched.

The reason that single stand knots are a problem is that they cause more tangles as other hairs get caught up in them as well.

Hair that has been naturally shedding can also get caught up causing you lots more unnecessary breakage.


9. Reduces Frizz

Frizz is also a problem that you want to avoid where possible.

Frizz can occur if you tend to wear a lot of hats and scarfs.  Hair is very delicate and frizz can eventually cause damage to your hair strands.

Regular trimming can help to keep this under control.


10. Easier To Detangle

Having to detangle your hair is a process all on it own but that process is made much more difficult when you are faced with having ends that are not in good shape.

You will likely have to manage split ends, breakage and all sorts.

This is why the benefits of trimming hair are so huge compared to not trimming at all.

Trimming your hair regularly can cut down on the time it takes to detangle.


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11. Keeps Hair Looking Good

There is overall goodness in trimming your hair.  If you have ever wondered why when some people style their hair it looks like a just stepped out of the salon moment it’s probably because they have taken the time to keep up with regular trimming.


3 Different Ways To Trim Your Hair


1. Search and Destroy

Search and destroy is a method that can be quite addictive if you are not careful.

It’s a simple method that requires you to look for strands of hair that have split ends, heat damage or are just generally in bad shape.

The idea is that you seek, you find, you cut.  It’s quite a gratifying process so you’ll need to know when to quit.

Using this process is effective but you must know that it is unlikely that you will be able to get all the damaged hairs.

The best way to tackle this method is to do your hair in small sections at a time.


2. Naturally Curly Hair Trim

If you prefer you can trim your hair in its natural curl pattern although you will need a bit of practice to do this otherwise you run the risk of making some areas shorter than others.


3. Straight Hair Trim

Trimming your hair straight is going to be the easiest way to do it.

The advantage to trimming your hair this way is that you have more control over making sure that what you are trimming is precise and that you don’t go too short in areas.



Final Thoughts on The Benefits of Trimming Hair

I can’t stress enough the importance of regular trimming for natural hair for all the reasons that I have already mentioned.

If you want your natural hair to grow the right way then you need to make sure that trimming is a part of your regular routine.  Don’t skip it.


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