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10 Awesome Tips You Need To Beat Curly Frizzy Hair!

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Frizzy hair is a nightmare to anyone that has curly hair. Every morning we wake up we pray that its not our turn to have frizz. Frizz is such an inconvenience at the best of times.

Did you know that you don’t just have to accept curly frizzy hair?

Oh no!

If you feel like you have been in a constant battle with frizzy hair there are actually a few things that you can do to ensure that frizz is no longer your portion in life.

Let’s get straight to it!


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10 Things You Can Do To Reduce Curly Frizzy Hair

1. Keep it Clean

Frizz loves dirty hair. The reason for this is because when the scalp is dirty it produces a lot of excess oil. The excess oil then clings to each strand of hair making it appear frizzy, weighted down and unclean.

You have to remember that with curly hair your scalp is very important so you need to keep it as clean as possible and free of build up.

When your hair is clean it makes it easier for your hairs natural sebum to flow down your hair strands and give your curls the shine and definition that you love.


2. Use A Moisturising Conditioner

There are conditioners and then there are moisturising conditioners. A moisturising conditioner is a conditioner that is formulated to be extra moisturising and give your curls the hydration that they need.

When you use this type of conditioner, it will help keep frizz at bay for longer periods of time. Which means less frizzy hair throughout your day!

Regular conditioners add moisture to curly hair too but moisturising conditioners add that little bit extra. You can pick up a moisturising conditioner here.


Frizzy curly hair


3. Find The Right Products For Your Curly Hair Type

Every head of hair is different. You can’t simply take products that work well for one person, use them on another person and expect to get the same results. There are so many variables. Hair density, porosity, texture etc. All these things mean that your hair products will probably be different to the person next to you.

When it comes to finding the right product for your curly hair you really have to do a little trial and error in the beginning.

A great place to start would be knowing if your hair likes thicker, more heavy products like shea butter or lighter products like oils. These things will have an effect on how your hair will turn out and if your hair will be frizzy or not.


4. Think Before Brushing When Wet

Brushing your hair when wet is not good because it can lead to frizz. If you are detangling your hair then frizz should not be a problem as detangling your hair is more important.

If on the other hand, you are brushing your hair just for the sake of it and what to get a really good defined wash and go look, then perhaps you may want to consider if brushing your hair is going to be right for you.


5. Put Down The Blow Dryer And Let It Air Dry

Air drying your hair really is the best way to keep your curls nicely defined and frizz at bay. When your hair is not disturbed the curls then have a much better chance of being clumped together.

I personally love to air dry my hair, it keeps so much more moisture in your hair this way. Think about it for a moment, when you use a dryer to dry your hair you are essentially speeding up the evaporation process. You could also be taking out too much moisture from your hair causing dryness and frizziness.

If you feel that you must use a dryer for your hair be sure to do so on a very low heat setting. Honestly speaking air drying still wins for me.


Curly frizzy hair



6. Deep Condition

Deep conditioning your hair is a wonderful thing. Not only does the deep conditioner penetrate deep inside the core of your strands of hair but it also adds so much moisture. The more you deep condition your hair the better as it will become softer, less frizzy and your curls will be defined.

When you deep condition your hair there is less frizz because your hair is so saturated with moisture that it can not frizz. This is a great deep conditioner.


7. Scrunch Those Curls

Scrunching your curls is such a great little trick if you want to avoid having curly frizzy hair. When you scrunch your hair instead of brushing or using your fingers you are less likely to disturb your curls and give them the chance to clump together nicely.

One of the best times to scrunch your hair is after you have applied a nice moisturising conditioner. The conditioner will help clump the curls together even better.


8. Protect your curls at night

This tip is so important. If you don’t protect your curls at night you don’t stand much of a fighting chance come the morning.

Your luscious locs will likely be dry, frizzy and completely disturbed.

You can protect your hair by pineappling your hair before bed and covering it with a silk scarf or bonnet like this one.

It takes just a few minutes and will make a massive difference to the way your curls will look in the morning.



9. Opt for Co-Washing Instead

Co-washing is one of those things that I have come to learn to love. In the beginning, when I first became natural again I didn’t really understand the whole concept of just washing your hair with a conditioner but the more that I began to learn about my hair the more sense it made to me, and it actually worked.

Co-washing my hair meant that my hair would no longer be stripped away by harsh detergents found in shampoos but that I would actually be able to retain more moisture in my hair. I also found that my curls were much happier too and that it would no longer take my hair days to recover from being stripped of all its moisture.

My curly frizzy hair was a thing of the past.


10. Stop Towel Drying

Towel drying is another thing that will totally disturb your curls. When you towel dry your hair you lose a lot of moisture because you are soaking it up with a towel.

Think about how a towel works on your body after you have come out of the shower. It’s there to soak up the water from your body and leave it completely dry. This is not something that you want to happen with your hair.

Ditch the towel and opt for a microfiber towel like this one. They do not soak up a lot of water from your hair and will not overly disturb your curls causing lots of frizz.


Final Thoughts On Curly Frizzy Hair

If you have been battling with curly frizzy hair for some time now these tips above will completely change the way that your curls behave.

These tips are some of the things that I have learned over the years. If you begin to implement these changes you will have defined, shiny curls that are not at all frizzy.

Which one will you start with?


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