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9 Things To Know Before Getting Your Starter Locs Installed

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Getting ready to get your new locs installed is an exciting adventure. You will probably have lots of high hopes for what to expect before you start this journey.

That’s great but before you jump in there, there are a few things that you should probably know first!

Take a look at what you need to know before you install your starter locs.


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Starter locs


9 Things To Know Before Getting Your Starter Locs


1. New Locs Take Time To Develop

Locs look absolutely beautiful when done but did you know depending on the method that you choose to start with your locs will not be locs until they develop?

For example, if you decide to start your loc journey with two strand twists then your hair is just two strand twists until they begin to flourish and loc.

It’s pretty much the same with most of the different ways that you can start your loc journey.

Don’t expect too much right off the bat!


2. Do You Need A Grid?

Having a grid is a personal choice. Some people like to have a grid because it makes them feel that their hair is neat. Other people don’t mind at all.

We can see that if we look at freeform locs. They are left to mature on their own without having to do very much to them.

Some peoples starter locs begin with a grid and then later on they lose it for various different reasons.


3. Locs Need Moisture Too

Did you know your locs still need moisture even though they are locs?

Yes, that’s right they do. As with regular loose hair, if you don’t moisturise your locs they can get dull and begin to dry out.

When that happens you will be very much susceptible to breakage. Locs can break if they are not handled correctly.

To keep your locs moisturised consider spritzing them with rose water and deep conditioning your hair when washing.

These things will go a long way to helping your hair stay healthy and moisturised.


4. How To Avoid Your Locs Breaking

As mentioned above, locs can break.

Yes, even the very thick ones. You may have seen or heard people complain about their locs breaking before.

There are a few reasons why this would happen.

  • Firstly it could be a moisture issue.
  • Secondly, it could be because the locs are too thick or even too thin for your hair.
  • Thirdly, if they have not been installed correctly they can break.
  • Lastly, if your hair is weak at the roots the loc will eventually break and fall off.

Always pay good attention to your locs and how they are developing over time.  If you notice anything that makes you uncomfortable seek a professional.


5. Locs Get Thicker Over Time

This is a point that a lot of people miss when they do their starter locs. They fail to realise that your locs will get thicker over time.

If you begin your loc journey with your locs being the exact size that you want them to be then be prepared because they will only get thicker with time.

If you are starting out it’s best to make your locs a little smaller than you want them to be. This way you are giving them space to grow as your locs mature.

This is often why you see people who have started their journey with locs that look pretty spaced out.

Unfortunately, you have to go through a little bit of an awkward phase with locs before you get to see the full beauty of them.



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6. Make Sure You Start Your Locs The Right Way

Deciding on the way you want to do your starter locs is an important decision.

Remember this is the foundation for your locs so you’ll want it to be right.

The method of installation will affect what your locs will look like later on.

You can begin your starter locs with, two strand twists, comb coils or even braids.

Some people don’t like the two strand twist method because they can unravel over time. Others don’t like the braid method because of how they look when first installed and the coil method can get very messy as your locs develop.

It’s important that you are at peace with the method that you decide to choose.


7. Locs Get Build Up Too

Yes, locs get build up.

It’s important to remember that. You can’t treat locs in the same way that you would regular loose hair because when it comes to washing it all out it becomes very difficult as the build up get stuck in the locs.

Using leave in conditioners and gels will get you into trouble with your locs.

For some people, they can get away with the occasional use of gel but for others, it causes a problem.

Just think back to when you were a loose natural. How did your hair behave when you applied gel all over it?

If you do want to use gel in your hair I would definitely advise that you use something very light like aloe vera gel. Thick gels can be problematic.

It’s not just gels that cause build up in your hair. Build up can come from using too many products without regularly washing your hair, so be warned.

Build up is not easy to wash away from locs.


8. Your Locs Can Matt And Marry

One of the many mistakes that people make when starting their loc journey is thinking that they can go months and months without redoing them.

You really shouldn’t do that.

The longer you leave between reties the more chance your hair has of matting at the roots.

Just because your hair is in locs does not mean that it can’t matt and marry together.

Think about it as your hair grows it goes through a cycle of shedding and growing. When your hair is shedding, where do you think those loose hairs go?

You don’t comb them out like you would if you were a loose natural so that means that the loose hairs just stay on your head and get stuck between your locs causing them to matt and marry together.

To avoid this make sure you retire or interlock your hair when your hair needs it. That can be at different times for different people.

Trust me having to pull apart locs that have married is not a pleasant experience!


9. It Can Be Life Changing

Be warned!

There is a liberating feeling when it comes to installing your starter locs.

It’s difficult to put into words but there is something so freeing about it. It’s as though you just expect more from life and good vibes only.

You’ll see.


Final Thoughts On Things You Need To Know Before Getting Your Starter Locs

Taking the journey of starting your locs is a beautiful one. Just don’t put your head in the clouds too much.

The 9 things to know that I have listed above will help you get a much better rounded opinion on locs before you begin your journey.

Let me know how you get on!


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