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How To Start Two Strand Twist Locs (Starter Locs)

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Have you been considering starting your loc journey but are unsure of how to begin and how you will maintain your locs?

Today we are going to be talking about everything to do with two strand twist locs.

Let’s get straight into it.


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Two strand twist locs


Can You Start Your Loc Journey With Two Strand Twists?

Yes, indeed you absolutely can. You can in fact start your loc journey in a number of different ways.

Just remember, when starting your two strand twist locs they will look a little strange at first until they begin to mature over time.  Please don’t worry this is perfectly normal.

I’m sure you’ve heard this many times before as you began to look into the process of starting out on your loc journey but I’m going to say it again for you.

Trust the process!


What Are Two Strand Twists?

Two strand twists are quite simply when you take two pieces of hair and begin to twist them around each other. I’m sure you have seen it being done before.

Locs can be started in this same way.

When you do your hair like this they will look like mini twists. You may even have done mini twists in the past.

Please remember that when you start your two strand twist locs they will not be locs to begin with. They will just be mini twists. Over time and the longer that you keep them in they will begin to mature and loc until they actually become real locs.



How To Start Your Loc Journey With Two Strand Twists

Starting out your loc journey with two strand twists is one of the easiest ways to begin. Most of us already know how to do a two strand twist so everything after that is pretty simple but you must follow a few golden rules.

  1. To begin with, make sure you part your hair into larger sections to start with. Eight or ten larger sections is great.  If you want to keep a grid this is an important step so you’ll want to take your time in doing this.
  2. Once you have your large sections, take the first one and do a perfectly straight line across. If you can’t do this by yourself then please do get some help. You only want to have to do your twists once and making an error at this stage could make you want to take down your twists and redo them later.
  3. Once you have your first line of hair divide it again into a square. This will be your first “loc”.

It’s important to remember when starting your locs that as your locs mature they will get bigger. You need to remember this otherwise you may not get the size that you want. If you want a particular size make your loc section a little smaller so that you give it space to grow and get plumper over time.

The last thing you want is to have done your locs too thick and then as they mature they get even thicker.

4. Once you have your section, twist it until you get down to the end. I like to twirl the last part of my hair around my finger to help my twist stay.

Continue to do your twists until you get all the way through each section and have completed your whole head of hair.


How To Care For Your New Locs

Once you have installed your two strand twist locs, you now need to understand how to care for them.

Although two strand twist locs are pretty easy to handle there are still certain things to need to do to maintain them.


1. Moisture

Even though you are loving your hair that does not mean that you should leave them without doing a single thing to them.

Locs still need moisture otherwise you will end up with very dry, dull looking locs which can begin to break and no one wants that.

To moisturise your locs simply make a mix of rose water and add your favourite oil. You can also add an essential oil to your mixture if you like. I sometimes use lavender oil.

You can do a little trial and error at this point to see which ratios work for you. Personally, I like to mix my rosewater with a little bit of regular water and an essential oil. I don’t personally find the need for any other type of oil.

If you are not keen on mixing you can use this rosewater straight off the shelf.



2. Washing

The first few times you wash your hair make sure you do so in large sections. It’s a good idea to use the braid and band method if you can.

Braid your hair into large sections and place a rubber band at the end of your hair to stop it from unravelling.

Wash each section in its braid to prevent it from unravelling.

You will need to do this each time you wash until your hair begins to loc.


3. Deep Condition

Some people don’t bother with deep conditioning but I find it very beneficial to my hair to make sure it remains nice and soft.

You can use a deep conditioner like this one.


4. Retie

It’s a good idea to retie your hair as you begin to get new growth. Every 6-8 weeks should be sufficient.

You can do this by either interlocking or palm rolling your hair.


Two strand twist locs


How Long Does It Take For Your Hair To Loc?

This is a difficult question to answer because it can depend on a number of different things.

Generally speaking, I would say anywhere from 10 months upwards for your hair to really begin to loc.

For some people, it can take 2 years.

The type of hair you have can be a factor. The softer your hair is the longer it could potentially take.


Advantages Of Starting With Two Strand Twists

Two strand twist locs are very easy to start with because you can do them yourself and they are pretty fast to install.

There can be an awkward phase when starting your locs, but when doing two strand twists you can avoid that as your locs will look like mini twists while the locking process is happening.


Disadvantages Of Starting Your Locs With Two Strand Twists

Two strand twists can easily come apart. You might find that you have to retwist some of them along the way.

If you have thin hair your locs may look quite patchy in the beginning until they start to mature and fill out.

It will take time for the two strand twist pattern to disappear and for your locs to start to look like real locs.


Final Thoughts On Two Strand Twist Locs

Starting your loc journey can be one of the most liberating things you can do with your hair.

There is so much freedom in having locs but that doesn’t mean that it is a completely hands off experience. Your two strand twist locs still need to be maintained.

Overall two strand twist locs are simple to do and easy to maintain once you know the basics.  Another option could be to use three strand twists.

Would you consider starting your loc journey this way?




Starter twist locs with two strand twists