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How To Install Starter Micro Locs

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Micro locs are a really great way to start off your loc journey especially if you are looking for something that is very versatile.  There are many different ways that you can install micro locs and we are going to talk about that very soon.

I’m no expert when it comes to micro locs but I can definitely share with you my experience of having started my own micro locs journey and what I have personally noticed through my own research. 


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Different Ways To Install Starter Micro Locs



Instaling two-strand twists as a way of starting your micro locs journey is a pretty popular one.  People opt for 2 strand twists because it’s easy for anyone to start as long as you have enough patience and willpower to get through the process.

I have noticed that those that start with 2 strand twist micro locs tend to do so either due to financial reasons (getting a loctician can be fairly expensive especially at the start of your journey) or because they intend to solely look after their own hair.  Personally, I can’t fault either decision.

Installing 2 strand twists definitely gives you a particular type of “look” as opposed to starting with one of the other ways below.

I decided to start my own journey with two-strand twists because it was easy for me to start on my own and I also enjoy the general look of 2 strand twists so having to go through what people like to refer to as the “ugly” phase of getting locs doesn’t bother me because I enjoy both looks.

I have also noticed that when you start with two-strand twists the outcome of your locs has much more curl definition according to your natural curl pattern.

Two strand twists are a great way to install your starter locs.

Starter micro locs



Braids for starter locs is another great way to go.  They can easily be self-installed without too much fuss but just be prepared to have a good few days on your hands before you begin because those braid locs are going to take days and days to install.

Some people prefer to start with braid locs because they have a closer appearance to sister locs and that’s a valid reason for going down the braids route.

In my opinion, when you start your locs with braids your final look is definitely more of a “straighter pattern” over having 2 strand twists.


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Coils are another way to start your loc journey but it is not very common to start with coils for micro locs. 

Coils are generally used for the bigger more traditional type of locs.



Sister locs are the locs that most people think of when they think of micro locs.

Installing sister locs is actually a special technique that only some people know how to do.  To have sister locs installed you have to go to a trained loctician to install them for you.  Typically that person will be responsible for re-locing your roots too.

Sister locs is a patented process so the average person will not know how to do them which is why some people opt for the other methods of installation as mentioned above.

Having starter sister locs can be quite pricey too due to the technical know-how, so if you are going to go down the sister loc route make sure you are prepared financially for the cost of installation and maintenance.



6 Steps To Take Before You Begin Your Micro Locs Installation



I can’t stress this one enough.  Make sure you do your research before you begin your micro locs journey otherwise you could end up with a whole lot of disappointment on your hands.

Know exactly how you are going to install your micro locs and how you will maintain them.

You need to do even more research if you are intending on maintaining them yourself.  Remember the maintenance of micro locs is not the same as being a loose natural so be aware and prepared for that.


Installing microlocs


2. Shampoo/ Clarify

Before you begin to install your starter micro locs make sure that you begin on freshly washed and clarified hair.  That means that your hair should be free of any kind of build-up.

After shampooing you will not need to use a conditioner.  This is something that you will have to relearn.  If you are just starting out with your starter micro locs, conditioner or anything softening can cause your locs to slip (undo).

You may want to use a shampoo like this one.

Once your locs are more developed some people like to incorporate conditioner into their routine again but that is personal preference.


3. Consider The Grid

The grid is very important to some people for the sake of neatness.  The grid basically just means the partings that are in your hair.

It’s a good idea to keep your grid as clean as possible so you can also maintain it that way too.

Having a good grid ensures that your hair will also fall in a particular direction so make sure you give it some good thought before you begin.


4. What Size Do You Want Your Locs

People begin micro locs with hundreds and hundreds of locs.  Just make sure that if you decide to go down that path you will be able to maintain it.

Another thing to consider is that if you start your locs very small you have to think about how delicate each loc will be because you definitely don’t want to see your locs breaking off.

Over time your locs will also thicken so that is something that you also want to consider before you begin with your starter micro locs too.


5. Make Sure You Have Plenty Of Time

It’s going to take a lot of time to install your locs no matter which method you decide to start with.  Make sure you have enough time to begin and finish.  If you rush the process you could find that you have very nice smallish locs at the back and then towards the front the locs get much bigger as you begin to rush through.

To avoid that happening make sure that you have time on your hands and take a break when you need too.


6. Think About Retightening

Although micro locs are pretty straight forward and low maintenance you still need to consider retightening and the schedule that you want to be on.  Most people retighten their locs every 4-8 weeks so consider what will work for you especially if you are going to be doing all the maintenance work yourself.


Final Thoughts On Installing Starter Micro Locs

If you are considering starter micro locs then just go for it.  Do some research on the way the different methods leave the final look and go for the one that you like the best.

If you want micro locs just go for it.  Life is way too short to get hung up on the little things.


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