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22 Personal Goal Ideas That Will Leave You Feeling Good About Life

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At the start of each year, everyone gets really fired up about all the things that they want to achieve for the year only to fail at some point.

I’m sure you know the feeling because we have all done it at some point and some of us still do.

I’m not here to bash anyone for having failed goals because we set personal goals because we really believe that we want to and can achieve them.

Unfortunately 1 maybe even 2 months down the line those goals start to fizzle out which is a real shame.

People are driven by personal goals because it gives us motivation and something to strive towards so why is it that most people fail at their personal goals before they have even begun?

Well, we are going to take a look at why that is as well as get you to note down some of your own personal goal ideas that you can actually stick to and accomplish.


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What Is A Personal Goal?

Goals are a brilliant thing to have because they help you to remain focused especially throughout the year.

As months go by it can almost feel as though you are getting swept up along with time without any real way to keep track of what you want to achieve.

Personal goals are similar to career goals but personal goals are more about you and what you want out of life as a whole.

Some personal goal ideas could be to help you become a better person or to help you be in a better mental space.

The great thing about having a personal goal is that it helps to improve you as a whole and helps you to feel better about yourself.

Making a note of your personal goals can help you to keep track throughout the year.


What Are SMART Goals?

When it comes to making some personal goals for ourselves you don’t have to make it hard and it doesn’t even have to sound glamorous.

This is where people often get it wrong.  They set goals for themselves that quite frankly are so hard to reach that they give up.

Setting yourself a goal of losing 100lb of weight in 3 months is not realistic.  Not only could you potentially hurt yourself by trying to do it so quickly but you will also demotivate yourself at the same time.

This is where SMART goals come in.

Smart goals are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

I think the last one being timely is really important. Just because you set yourself a goal does not mean that it has to last forever and a day.

Your goal may only be relevant for 3 months and that’s ok.  The aim of having personal goals is not for added pressure but rather to help you feel more at ease.

If you have goals that make you feel uneasy then you need to look at SMART again.


Personal goals


22 Personal Goal Ideas That Will Leave You Feeling Refreshed


1. Cut Back On Social Media Screen Time

Social media has taken over everything that we do. Whilst it’s nice to use it to catch up on what friends are doing its important to also live in the real world as well.

Not everything you see on social media is real so it’s a good idea to cut back on screen time there especially if it leaves you feeling discontent with your own life in a negative way.


2. Read 1 Book A Month

Reading can be extremely refreshing.  You can choose to read books that teach you things or ones that just make you smile. It really doesn’t matter.


3. Take Up A Hobby That Makes You Happy

There are so many things out there that can make you feel happy.

Choose one and work at it, you never know where it might take you.  If you love to cook, why not take up a cooking class and learn even more.

You may want to learn how to sew.  

It doesn’t matter what it is as long as it makes you happy and fulfilled.


4. Commit To Taking Time Out With A Friend Once A Month

Friendships can play a huge part in our lives but they only grow when we take the time to invest in them.

Find out your true circle of friends and invest some quality time into the relationship.


5. Increase Your Water Intake

If you are anything like me you may not be very disciplined when it comes to drinking water.

Water is so important for the body because it leaves you feeling refreshed and flushes our toxins from your body.

Set yourself a goal of committing to drinking a certain amount of water each day.


6. It Starts With Exercise

Exercise, some people love that word and others not so much.  No matter which category you fall into we all need to exercise.

Exercise doesn’t have to mean 1 hour in the gym each morning it could mean walking to the shop instead of driving or going for a walk after dinner.

Remember goals don’t have to be stressful.


7. Give Yourself A Bedtime

This is the best thing you can do for yourself.  If you are the kind of person that goes to bed only when they feel tired you are really missing out.

Giving yourself a bedtime helps you to wind down better and feel more refreshed in the morning.


8. Get Yourself Into A Morning Routine

Having a morning routine is really helpful to those of us that don’t really enjoy the sound of our alarms going off in the morning. 

If you don’t know what a good morning routine looks like you can take a look at this.


9. Learn Something New

Believe it or not, learning helps to keep us alive and keep going.  It keeps us excited.  

Take some time out to learn something different.  That might be a new language, how to cook or even how to landscape your garden.


10. Work On Your Confidence

Having confidence is everything. It makes you more attractive as a person and helps you to break down boundaries.

If you have trouble becoming the confident woman that you want to be this can definitely help you.


11. Get Better With Your Money

We all know finances can make or break you.  

Take some time out to plan your money and spend and save it wisely by creating a good budget system for yourself.


12. Find Out What Stresses You And Get Rid Of It

It’s not possible to avoid stress altogether but you can cut back on it.

If there is a particular thing that really gets your stress levels going then it might be time to let go of it.

That could mean getting a new job or letting go of a particular person. 


13. Declutter

Decluttering can do so much for your mental wellbeing.

Even just simply changing your space around can do wonders for your mind.

You should definitely give it a try.


14. Try A New Hair Colour

Often it’s the little things that can bring us happiness.

Something as simple as changing your hair colour can make you feel good.

The great thing about hair colour wax is that you can have a funky colour at the weekend and wash it off in time for work on Monday morning if you need too.


15. Do Something You’ve Never Done Before

I guess this could be a bucket list item.

Life is for living.  You don’t have to be stuck doing the same things over and over again. Find something that you have never experienced before and give it a try.

That might be a roller coaster ride or sushi.  It really does not matter its more about the experience of something new that is gratifying.


16. Clear Out Your Wardrobe

Take some time to get rid of old clothes that you no longer wear, donate them to charity and only keep what you actually will wear.


17. Accept Yourself For Who You Are

Accepting yourself is a process.  If this is something that you have not even thought about before give yourself time to adjust.

Enjoy being you instead of trying to be like your next-door neighbour.

Give it a try it’s very liberating.


18. Keep Only Your Real Friends

Invest time in real friendships only.  Take a good look at your friends and don’t be afraid to let go of a few if you need to.


19. Start A Journal

Starting a journal can help you clear your thoughts and be more purposeful.

Not only that but being able to look back on some of your thoughts can help you see how far you have come.

You can pick up a journal from here.


20. Become More Mindful

Being mindful means being more conscious of what you are thinking about, what you allow others to speak into you and what you will and will not accept into your life.


21. Plan A Trip To A Country You’ve Never Been To Before

Planning a trip is exciting but if you have never been there before its even more exciting.

Go by yourself or with a group of friends and experience things that you have never tried before.


22. Do Something For Someone Else

Having personal goal ideas does not have to be just about you.  It can be for the benefit of others too.

Give more to charity or take some time out to feed the homeless. Spend some time with someone you know is alone.

Not only will you be helping the person but it will do wonders for you too.


Final Thoughts On Personal Goal Ideas 

Life without having personal goals can be a bit of a muddle.

Take the time to make some goals for yourself and a few months down the line be sure to look back over them to see how far you have come.


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