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Why Do Dreadlocks Grow Faster Than Natural Hair?

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Understanding Dreadlocks

I’ve always wondered why my dreadlocks seem to grow faster than when I had loose natural hair. It’s a common belief among many in the dreadlock community that locs grow faster than regular loose natural hair. Is it the unique hair texture of twisted locks? Or perhaps there’s something else that we are missing.

This article aims to explore not just the “how” but also the “why” behind this phenomenon. A lot of times, we are misled by popular belief without delving deeper into the science and care involved in nurturing mature dreadlocks. 

Through examining aspects such as blood circulation, the role of natural oils, and the impact of protective styling, we’ll begin to uncover some truths. At the same time debunking myths about hair growth, especially among African Americans. It’s about time we got to the root of this fascinating topic. 

Key Takeaways:

  • Blood circulation and natural oils play crucial roles in promoting healthy hair growth. 
  • Protective styling, such as dreadlocks and box braids, aids in length retention and reduces breakage. 
  • Genetics and proper hair care are fundamental in achieving long, healthy hair, irrespective of hair type. 


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The Science Behind Healthy Hair Growth

Blood circulation plays a pivotal role in encouraging healthy hair follicles. A scalp massage, by elevating blood flow, nourishes the roots of your hair for a healthier growth cycle.

This action, thriving with natural oils like coconut, olive, and Jamaican black castor oil, ensures each hair strand remains fortified. Incorporating these oils has always felt like giving my scalp a luxurious treatment, bathing each follicle in beneficial fatty acids. 

Less manipulation, on the other hand, prevents stress on hair strands and reduces hair loss. Dreadlocks, by nature, exemplify less manipulation. They allow hair to interlock and grow without the constant combing, brushing, or styling that typically stresses and breaks loose hair.

This natural protective style, surprisingly, could be the secret behind why dreadlocks seem to grow faster, granting a steady supply of nutrients with minimal stress. 


The Impact of Protective Styles on Hair Growth

Dreadlocks have long stood out as a magnificent protective style. They shield the hair from daily wear and tear, vastly reducing breakage.

This safeguarding stems in part from less manipulation needed. Every time we style loose hair, strands can weaken or shed hair. With dreadlocks, however, the hair stays compactly intertwined.

This leads to a noticeable increase in length retention over time. Similarly, box braids offer a form of sanctuary for our strands. By keeping them neatly braided, they too prevent unnecessary strain on each hair strand.

Yet, dreadlocks provide a more permanent protective measure compared to the temporary nature of box braids, leading to potentially better results for those seeking longer, healthier locks. This steady protection is a key factor in why many see a dramatic difference in the health and length of their hair over the years. 


Loc Care: Ensuring Your Hair’s Best Growth

I’ve learned that a little love goes a long way, especially with locs. Regular washing kept my scalp happy and my dreadlocks fresh. It seemed counterintuitive at first, given how often I heard that less is more. But, dirt and buildup can really stunt your hair’s growth.

Now, let’s talk moisture. Moisturising with natural oils, like coconut oil or Jamaican black castor oil, became my secret weapon. These oils didn’t just add shine; they penetrated deep, nurturing my hair from the inside out. 

But here’s the deal. I had to learn the hard way that avoiding excessive tension is crucial. Those tight styles and over-twisting don’t do you any favours.

Instead, opt for gentler handling and let your locs do their thing, which will lead to healthier hair growth.  And the cherry on top? Using natural hair care products ensured that I wasn’t introducing any harsh chemicals to my delicate strands. This approach truly will unlock the best possible growth for your hair. 


Debunking Myths: Hair Growth Solutions and Genetics

Many believe that genetics alone predetermine the fate of our hair. According to this myth, it believes that African Americans are stuck with what they’re born with, be it good or bad. But, the truth lies in a blend of genetics and meticulous care.

For instance, incorporating vitamins into our diets and using natural hair care products and natural methods have shown a positive effect on hair health.

Stressful situations can wreak havoc on hair follicles, yet methods like scalp massages boost a healthy flow of blood and nutrients right to where it’s most needed. Hair experts agree, advocating for a gentle approach in handling hair; less manipulation means less stress and breakage, paving the path for healthy, longer hair. 


Final Thoughts on Why Dreadlocks Grow Faster Than Natural Hair

We’ve journeyed through the loc process, understanding the pivotal roles played by coconut oil, protective styles, and a healthy dreadlock maintenance culture. 

For those of us with African American hair, the quest for length retention often seemed fraught with challenges. Yet, here we stand, with healthy dreadlocks defying popular belief and thriving. 

A professional hair stylist will tell you that handling your hair with care is the secret to healthy hair.  Blood circulation is a priority, achieved through scalp massages that invigorate hair follicles and encourage a healthy flow of blood.

The transition away from harsh chemicals and towards natural hair care products and oils like Jamaican black castor oil is a game changer. 

The journey to healthier hair isn’t solely about reaching a desired length or enjoying the benefits of natural oils. It’s about embracing our hair’s unique texture and journey, stressful situations and all.

Whether you have long hair, mature dreadlocks or are just in your first year of your loc journey, remember, every strand tells a story. Yours deserves to be celebrated, no matter the pace of growth or the challenges you face. 


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