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Scalp Massage For Natural Hair Growth: Why You Should Be Doing It!

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Scalp massages are not only great at helping you to relax, oh no, there are more benefits than just that.  Scalp massage for natural hair growth is incredibly beneficial.  One of the main benefits of scalp massaging is promoting natural hair growth.

This post will dive deeper into scalp massage and point you in the right direction to fast-track your natural hair growth journey.


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Scalp massage for natural hair


Scalp Massage: Does it work?

In 2016, a small study was done on a small number of men. These men received a four-minute scalp massage every day. At the end of the study, all the men had an increase in the thickness of their hair.

In 2019 again, a similar study was done on a large group of participants, and the results were the same- improved hair thickness.

So, yes. Scalp massage works. It can enhance hair growth or at least thicken it according to this study.


Benefits Of A Scalp Massage For Natural Hair Growth

The benefits of scalp massage for hair growth are basically tied to hair follicles where hair growth begins. Hair follicles are found right beneath your scalp. 

While there haven’t been many studies to support this fact, it is indeed true that regular scalp massage stretches the hair follicles, allowing hair to grow thicker.

Scalp massage also improves blood circulation to the scalp. With increased blood circulation, there is similarly an increase in the amount of oxygen and nutrients that reach the scalp, all of which are necessary for promoting strong and healthy hair.

In addition, regularly massaging your scalp encourages the blood vessels on your scalp to dilate to facilitate fast hair growth.  When you combine the use of oils and scalp massage, you help stimulate the follicles and the roots of your hair, making your hair grow even stronger and healthier.

Lastly, a scalp massage is relaxing and soothing, and when done right before bedtime, it can help you fall asleep quickly. We all know how powerful a good night’s sleep is to our productivity.


What You Need For The Massage

The only things you need for a scalp massage are oil and your fingertips or a scalp massager if you have one. 

My preferred oil to use for massaging is either jojoba oil or coconut oil.  You can even do a blend of the two if you like.  Just remember there is no hard set rule on this so you can use whichever oil you prefer.

You can also use a carrier oil like olive oil, or any other light oil to aid the massaging. 

Dermatologists highly recommend peppermint oil or lavender essential oils as they have been proven to help promote hair growth. However, you can still use whichever essential oil is readily available to you.

What works best for most people is mixing a carrier oil with a few drops of essential oils. This way, you get the benefits of all the oils on top of the benefits of a scalp massage.

An excellent tip often shared by those who’ve achieved hair growth with scalp massaging is using the oil when slightly warm. Take note that it is lukewarm and not hot. Overheating oil makes it lose its beneficial properties so you don’t want to do that.


How To Massage Your Scalp For Hair Growth The Right Way

What many people do in error is to rub their scalp instead of massaging it causing gradual hair loss. If you massage your scalp and find tiny hairs on your fingers, you are doing it the wrong way.

This is how to do it the right way:

  • Pour the oil of your choice on your fingertips or put them in a bowl with your choice of oil.
  • Rub your fingers against each other to spread the oil
  • Place the pads of your fingers on your scalp or wherever part of your head that you prefer to start massaging
  • Press on the scalp a bit to apply some pressure and move your fingers in circular motions
  • Do this for about a minute, then move to another part of your scalp until you have massaged the whole scalp.

This is the traditional way of massaging your scalp. It’s effective and costs almost nothing, except for time and oil.

You can also consider using modern ways of scalp massaging like using rubber massage tools and brushes.

There is no right or wrong method. Both are effective and get the job done, so choose which works best for you.


How Often Should You Do A Scalp Massage?

There is no set number of times to massage your scalp, but 2-3 times a week should be effective enough. If you can do it every day, that is perfectly okay. 10-20 minutes for each massage session should be more than enough time.

You can also take advantage of your wash days and do your massage at that point if you are pushed for time during the week. Massage your scalp when shampooing or conditioning. 


Scalp massage for natural hair growth



Do Scalp Massages Cause Hair Loss?

Nope, on the contrary, scalp massages promote hair growth. However, it can cause hair loss when not done correctly.  Your scalp should be massaged and not rubbed. Rubbing causes friction, and friction is what can cause your hair to break not the massage.


Can You Massage Your Scalp Every Day?

If you are not pushed for time, you can massage your scalp every day.  The key thing here is to do scalp massaging the right way.  Otherwise, massaging your scalp every day the wrong way (rubbing vigorously) is the quickest way to losing your hair.

The only challenge that comes from massaging your scalp every day is oil build-up on your scalp, which will quickly attract dirt to your hair. If you are going to use oil every day, consider rinsing it off if you are in a position to do so. The other alternative is to opt not to use oil on some days and use your scalp’s own natural oil.


Final Thoughts On Scalp Massages For Natural Hair Growth

Scalp massaging is a technique that has been used for a long time to aid in hair growth, regrowth and to treat scalp conditions like alopecia.

There has been some research done into scalp massaging but in my personal opinion scalp massages feel so good on their own even without any other benefits.  For me, it’s a win-win.  I have always done scalp massages on my own scalp and I truly believe that it contributed to my personal hair growth journey.

Consider incorporating scalp massages for natural hair growth into your hair routine for long thick luscious natural hair.


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