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How to stop worrying and be happy in its place

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We all worry about things from time to time.

Some might even say this is a normal part of life.  I agree to a certain point but there are times when worry can turn into something much more than worry.

Constantly worrying about things you just can’t change is pointless and I know that is a lot easier said than done.

You might have lost your job

You may have an unexpected bill turn up that you have no way of paying

Your health may be in question

You could be worried about your relationship

The list could go on and on forever.

In reality, if we want to worry we can always find something to worry about.


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How worry manifests itself

Constantly worrying about things can actually do a lot of harm. Not only is it an emotional drain on your body and energy but it can actually make you sick too.

Have you ever been so worried about something that it makes you physically throw up?

Well, that’s not good.

Excessive worrying can lead to alopecia, anxiety, sleeplessness and even panic attacks if it is not dealt with in the right way.

I am a natural worrier, I worry about a whole host of things that I can do nothing to change.  There have been times when I have chosen not to eat because I have so much worry on my mind.

My husband, on the other hand, is the complete opposite of me.  He hardly ever worries especially if it is something he cannot change. He’s the type that can easily go to sleep in the middle of a crisis.

I wondered for many years how he managed to remain so cool whilst I would always be completely freaking out.

Finally, I discovered a few things that would help me to finally stop worrying and be happy in its place.


5 Tips on how to stop worrying constantly and be happy


1. Get some perspective

Everything you do in life has to do with perspective, the way you see it.

What you might see as a crisis situation the next person will see as a minor blip.

A little while ago I was stressed out about money.  I will never forget this one sentence that someone said to me.

They simply said, “Some people would love to have your problems.”

For me, that sentence was so powerful because I had never looked at things outside of my own situation before.  There are people out there in a much worse state than I am.

Today someone was diagnosed with cancer.

Today someone’s husband or wife just died

Today someone lost their house and has nowhere to sleep tonight.

Is your situation really that bad? Believe me no matter what you think you are battling there is always a glimmer of hope somewhere you just have to put yourself into the right frame of mind to find it.

Perspective is a huge factor in your happiness.


How to stop worrying all the time


2. Allow yourself a few minutes to wallow

Whilst it’s easy to say just pick yourself up and stop worrying it’s also healthy to allow yourself time to wallow before you move on.

Suppressing your feelings without truly thinking about them is not healthy because at some point those feelings will resurface and could make you feel much worse.

Set a time limit on how long you will allow yourself to wallow and then just let it go.

When a woman is in labour and the baby is about to be birthed the woman can feel like she is about to die.  It’s in those few moments that it is most important to just let the wave of pain flow over you and let it happen to you.

The point here is that sometimes you just have to let the situation wash over you and be done with.  You will eventually come out on the other side.


3. Think about practical things you can do

After you have put your worries into perspective it’s a good idea to think about if there are practical things that can be done to help your situation.

If you have lost your job, choose to think positively and look for a better job or start that business that you have always dreamt of doing but never had the time to do.

Sometimes when bad things happen it’s the start of a time where you can make good things happen.

If there are real things that you can do to change your situation put them into play.

Take a piece of paper and write down all the positive things that you can do and put them into motion.


4. Get all your fears out in the open

There’s a little game that I like to play from time to time.  Its called “what’s the worst that could happen”

I think about all of the worst things that could happen in my situation then I push them to one side.

You see the thing is sometimes our worries and fears have no real basis and when we think about the worst things that could happen we realise that they are not really that bad after all.

Say your fears out loud so they can lose their power and then think of only positive things.

Fear is usually worse in our minds than said out in the open.


5. Find a distraction

Having distraction techniques can also help you.  Find something else to do that will force you out of your current situation.

Personally I like to watch a good film.  Its gives me the time I need to escape a helps me get a better perspective on what I am worried about.

Use this time to put some self-care activities into place.

Some people take out their frustrations in the gym, some eat chocolate, some go out with friends.

Whatever you need to do to feel better about your worries, do it.


Final thoughts on how to stop worrying and be happy

Worry is never something that should reach the point where you feel that you are being eaten alive.

Your situation is only tempory and over time you might even be able to laugh about it.

Look back over the years at some of the things that caused you to lose sleep.  Did it really have the power to cause you to worry in that way?

Happiness is a choice that you make.

Things happen, bad things can happen but tomorrow is another day.

“Joy cometh in the morning”


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