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Can You Use Neutralising Shampoo on Natural Hair?

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Today let’s talk about neutralising shampoo and if you can use it on natural hair.  There are so many things on the market these days that are shampoo but they are all very different and can have very different effects on your hair.

When it comes to natural curly hair we have to be very careful about which hair products we are using and the reasons behind why we are using it.

Today we are going to be talking specifically about neutralising shampoo, what it is and why we should or should not be using it, especially for natural hair.


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Neutralising Shampoo on Natural Hair


Can You Use Neutralising Shampoo on Natural Hair?

Neutralising shampoo should only be used if your hair has been chemically treated in some way. Chemical treatments are hair treatments such as perms, chemical relaxers, or other processes that alter the hair’s structure and pH balance.

It is not intended for use on natural, untreated hair. Using a neutralising shampoo on natural hair, no matter your hair type could disrupt the hair’s natural pH balance and may lead to dryness, damage, or other adverse effects.



What is Neutralising Shampoo?

Neutralising shampoo is a type of shampoo that helps to balance the pH levels of your hair and scalp after a chemical treatment.  This shampoo for the most part is used by people who have relaxed hair, dyed hair or have chemially altered their hair in some way. All of these things are chemical treatments and by using them you can in fact raise the pH levels of both your hair and scalp. This isn’t a good thing as your hair should remain as balanced as possible.

The primary focus of a neutralising shampoo is to restore the natural pH balance of your hair and scalp back to within the normal pH range.  This should be anywhere between 4.5 and 5.5.

Hair can be very volatile if not handled properly so using this type of shampoo will help to prevent damage such as hair breakage and to maintain the integrity of the chemical treatment.

Neutralizing shampoos are usually formulated with an acidic pH, which helps to neutralize the alkaline properties of the hair and scalp after a chemical treatment. They are typically used in conjunction with some kind of conditioning treatment to help restore moisture and nourishment to the hair.  Chemical treatments can leave your hair dry and brittle.  


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What Are The Effects of Using Neutralising Shampoo?

As already mentioned, the primary focus of a neutralising shampoo is to restore the pH balance of the hair after a chemical treatment.  There are also some other benefits to using a neutralising shampoo that you should also be aware of.


1. Restores Moisture

Anything that includes the use of chemicals on your hair probably has a negative effect somewhere along the line.  In this case, a neutralising shampoo can strip your hair of moisture leaving it feeling dry and very brittle.  This would be really bad for natural hair as we already know that natural hair is naturally dry so we need to be constantly thinking about moisture all the time in order to keep our hair in good standing.  We need to use the best hair care products we possibly can.

Using a neutralising shampoo along with a deep conditioning treatment could make all the difference to your curls in terms of moisture and nourishment.




2. Cleanses The Hair

Neutralisation shampoos are made in such a way that it is formulated to remove chemical residue that may have been left on your hair and scalp and free up your hair cuticles ready for new growth.  This will help to prevent any further damage and keep your hair healthy and looking shiny.


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3. Maintains The Results

A regular shampoo will strip away dirt, grease and all the nasties from your hair but a neutralising shampoo will balance the pH levels and protect it as well as maintain the results of your chemical treatment.


How Often Can You Use Neutralising Shampoo?

It’s important to remember that neutralising shampoo is not the same as regular shampoo so you need to use it with caution.  The overuse of a neutralising shampoo can cause the opposing effect of its intended use.  Instead of rebalancing your hair, you could actually unbalance it and simply strip the stands of hair of its natural oils.

Neutralising shampoo should only be used if a chemical treatment of some kind has taken place and it is not to be used on a regular basis.

You may have natural hair and had a silk press or had your hair coloured or something of that nature.  In this case, your hair may require a neutralising shampoo.  Outside of that, it would probably be best to stick with a regular shampoo.


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Is A Clarifying Shampoo the Same as a Neutralising Shampoo?

Clarifying shampoo and neutralising shampoo are not the same and should not be confused with each other.

A clarifying shampoo will remove dirt and buildup from your hair and scalp.  They are only really used once in a while when the need arises.  For example, if you know you have put your hair through a lot that week and it almost needs a reset.  A clarifying shampoo will serve that purpose.

Clarifying shampoo is often clear or translucent in appearance and may contain ingredients like sulfates or citric acid to help break down and remove build-up.

Neutralising shampoos are predominately used for chemical treatments such as relaxers or hair dye.  As a chemical treatment alters the state of your hair it may require a neutralising shampoo to rebalance the hair’s natural pH levels.

These two shampoos have different purposes and should not be confused.

A clarifying shampoo is to be used to remove dirt and buildup whereas a neutralising shampoo should be used to rebalance the pH level of your hair.


Clarifying shampoo


Final Thoughts on Using Neutralising Shampoo on Natural Hair

If you have natural hair you are much better off trying to understand the requirements of what your hair needs rather than just using any type of shampoo that you feel like.

You may have very dry hair, high porosity hair, low porosity hair, or even oily hair.  Being able to understand your hair and choose the correct shampoo for you will be the best choice and the most beneficial thing you can do for healthy hair growth.


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