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Why Scalp Buildup Is A Problem If You Leave It!

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Do you have a problem with scalp buildup?

If you do you are certainly not the only one. Many of us face problems when it comes to our scalps and to be fair most of us don’t put enough emphasis on our scalps and how to keep it healthy.

Your scalp is the place where your hair grows out of so you’ll want to keep it as clean and healthy as possible.

Most people don’t even consider that their scalp could give them an issue until it’s too late.

Let’s take a closer look at what it means exactly to have scalp build up.


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Scalp buildup problems


What Is Scalp Buildup And What Causes It?

Scalp build-up is essentially a buildup of your scalp’s natural oils (sebum) which have then mixed with dirt, dead skin cells and sweat.

Doesn’t sound too healthy, does it?

If your scalp is left in that state for an extended period of time it can cause you all kinds of problems such as:

Thankfully scalp buildup is a problem that can easily be addressed especially if you catch it early enough.


What Does Scalp Buildup Look Like?

Scalp buildup looks like a heavy oily crusty layer that sits on the surface of your scalp. How thick it gets will depend on how long it is left untreated for.

Babies often have an overproduction of sebum which leads to cradle cap. This is also a form of scalp build up.

Although scalp buildup does look very similar to dandruff they are not the same thing.

When you have dandruff the flakes will often fall onto your shoulders but with scalp buildup, the flakes tend to stick more to your hair and scalp.


How To Get Rid Of Scalp Buildup

Thankfully scalp buildup is easily treated. Let’s take a look at some of the ways you can keep your hair free from scalp buildup.


1. Wash Your Hair Regularly

Washing your hair regularly may seem like an obvious solution but it’s not to everyone.

Keeping your scalp clean by washing your hair every week or 2 weeks is something that you should be doing as part of your regular hair routine.

If you know that your hair produces a lot of oil fast then you need to adjust the timing between washes to suit that.


As I Am Coconut cowash


2. Clarify When Needed

Clarifying your hair is another thing that is necessary to the health of your hair. Clarifying your hair is not the same thing as washing it.

When you clarify your hair you are stripping away all the build-up and dirt from your scalp in a way that regular washing does not.

It’s a more “hardcore” wash if you like.

You can use a clarifying shampoo like this one to get rid of all the dirt on your scalp.


3. Try Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has a really good way of stripping your hair of dirt. It is said that it contains ingredients that have antibacterial properties.

To use apple cider vinegar (ACV) on your hair simply mix the apple cider vinegar with water.

Spray it directly onto your scalp using a spray bottle like this one and leave it to sit for about 5 minutes before washing off.

Some people prefer to do this before they wash their hair and others after having washed their hair as a hair rinse.

Either way can be done, it’s more about personal preference.


4. Use African Black Soap

African black soap can also be used to help get rid of scalp buildup. It contains properties that are anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory which are great for the scalp.

The best part about African black soap is that it won’t leave your hair feeling dry afterwards.

You can pick up some African black soap from here.


5. Scalp Massage

Although massaging your scalp alone will not get rid of build-up it will help you to loosen the build-up so that when you are ready to wash your hair it is much easier to do.

If you have build up on your scalp then you can use a nourishing oil such as coconut oil or extra virgin olive oil to help soften the buildup.

You can use your fingers to massage your scalp or a hair tool like this one which is quite effective.

Scalp massages are also good for circulation of blood which will help you with hair growth.


How To Prevent Scalp Buildup In The Future

Having build up on your scalp is inevitable but there are things that you can put into place to help stop you from getting to a place where build-up is a problem.

  • Make sure you have a regular washing routine
  • Try not to overuse products in your hair
  • Make sure you focus on washing your scalp when washing your hair
  • Keep a close eye on your scalp. The amount of oil your hair produces will make a difference in how often you must wash it
  • Wash your hair after heavy exercising. This will help to minimise the amount of sweat built up on your scalp.


Is Scalp Buildup The Same As Product Buildup?

No, scalp build up and product build-up are two different things.

Product build-up as the name suggests occurs when you use a lot of products on your hair without having washed it.

The heavy use of products makes dirt and dust stick to your hair and scalp which means that your hair will appear greasy and dirty.

Scalp buildup on the other hand is when you have dirt and oil sitting on your scalp as a result of not washing regularly enough as we have already explored above.

You can read more about product build-up here.


Final Thoughts On Scalp Buildup

Having scalp buildup is a fairly easy problem to tackle especially if you catch it early enough.

It’s always going to be best to not let your scalp get to that point otherwise more serious issues can occur.

If you do find that you have a lot of buildup on your scalp use the tips given above to help you.


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