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The 4C Wash And Go That Comes Out On Top

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We all love the look of a wash and go.  It’s such a fun hairstyle and is really easy to do once you know how.

If you are fed up of other regular hairstyles a wash and go can be a nice break.


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What Is A Wash And Go?

A wash and go is a simple hairstyle that can be achieved on curly hair. It can be achieved straight out of the shower and does not require your hair to be stretched or need much manipulation in general.

There are many different ways to achieve a wash and go and some methods are more intense than others.


Can You Do A Wash And Go On 4C Natural Hair?

Yes, it is definitely possible but it may take a little bit of work to get the right technique that works for your hair.

Every curly hair type can achieve a wash and go but generally speaking those with a looser curl pattern might find it easier to achieve.

Those that have 4c hair, their curl pattern tends to not be as evident and the curls may look a lot tighter making the curls less distinguishable and kinkier looking.

Other than that you can most definitely rock a wash a go with 4C hair!


Why Is It More Difficult To Do A Wash And Go On 4C Natural Hair?

It would appear that wash and go’s seem a little more tricky with 4C hair simply because 4C hair is a tighter texture and therefore more prone to dryness than other textures.

Also as mentioned above the curl pattern is not as easily distinguishable.  Most people love wash and go’s because of the way their strands of hair can clump together and give a really good curly look.

4C hair it’s not so much about the texture of the hair that matters but its more about the technique so that you can achieve the best results to get a wash and go look even if the curls are not as defined as other textures.

Remember wash and go’s look different on all hair types and even from person to person.


What Is The Downside Of Doing A Wash And Go On 4C Hair?

The only real issue that I have with wash and go’s is the simple fact that they can create a lot of tangles which can lead to unnecessary single strand knots and breakage.

As you can see curly or kinky hair is not straight therefore it is easy for strands to wrap around each other and to create tangles.

I have always found that I can retain my length much better by having my hair in a stretched-out state. That does not mean that I straighten my hair by blowdrying or flat ironing but simply by doing hairstyles such as twist outs or braid outs.

This is not to say that doing a wash and go’s is particularly bad for you.  You should just do them with caution and use them sparingly. That goes for all curly hair types and not just 4c natural hair.


How To Achieve The Best 4C Wash And Go


1. Make Sure It’s Soaking Wet

There are different ways to achieve a wash and go.  Some people like to do it on damp hair and others like to do it on wet hair.

Achieving a wash on go in my opinion is harder to do on damp hair.  My best wash and go’s have always happened when my hair been soaking wet.

I like to put a towel around my shoulders and let my hair drip dry onto that.  Once you start adding your products you won’t get as much dripping. 

How to get the best results with a 4C wash and go


2. Add Your Products

Add your products once your hair is nicely saturated with water.

You can do this with a simple leave-in conditioner in your hair and leaving it like that or if you want a more defined look you can add gel.


3. Use Gel If You Want Too

Hair gel is not necessary but it can help your curls to clump better.

I have always found the Black Eco styler gel to work the best in my hair.  You can take a look at it here.

Just note that some gels don’t work well with some leave-in conditioners so you may need to do a little trial and error when it comes to getting the combination right for your hair.  You don’t want your hair to dry with lots of little white flakes in it.

4. Rake Then Shake

Rake the products through your hair using your fingers or a hairbrush like this one.

If it makes it easier for you having your hair in sections can make it easier to manage and made sure the product is evenly distributed.

Once you have raked the product through your hair its time to shake.

Shake your hair out to give it a little body so it doesn’t appear so flat unless of course, you like it that way.


5.  Allow It To Dry Peacefully

Always leave your hair to dry without touching it.  Touching your hair when it’s wet only causes frizz.

You can use a dryer like this one to speed up the drying process if you don’t have a lot of time to wait for your hair to dry or if it’s too cold to go outside with wet hair.


How To Sleep With A Wash And Go

Wash and go’s can be done every day if you have the time, they are quite easily done on shorter natural hair.

If washing your hair every day does not appeal to you then you can refresh it instead.  To do this make sure that when you are going to bed you cover your hair with a satin scarf.  Satin scarves are great because they don’t take the moisture out of your hair in the same way that cotton would.

Remember the key to a good 4C wash and go is to make sure that your hair stays as moisturised as possible.

In the morning you will notice that your hair looks quite squished and flat but its simple to refresh it.

Just grab your water spray bottle, fill it with clean water and spritz your hair.

You can then shake your hair out to help it lift your curls again.

You don’t need to add any more product to your hair unless you feel that it is necessary.  The water on its own should be sufficient to reactivate your curls.


Final Thoughts On A 4C Wash And Go

Wash and go’s are an easy hairstyle that can be done on all curly hair types.

Once you get your technique mastered wash and go’s can be a nice alternative and is a really cute hairstyle for 4c natural hair.