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Braid Out vs Twist Out Do You Know The Pros And Cons?

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Who doesn’t love a twist out? Who doesn’t love a braid out either for that matter?

Which gives better results? The braid out vs the twist out is one of the biggest debates out there in the natural hair community.

To be fair the answer is pretty much split down the line. There are most definitely 2 camps in the community.

Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of both and see if one comes out on top.


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Here is an example of a twist out vs braid out


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Braid out vs twist out – pros and cons


Braid outs, the pros

Let’s take a look at some of the pros.

I’ll admit that a braid out may not be for everyone.  Typically a braid out can look very different from a twist out.

If you are looking for a hairstyle that will give you that ultimate stretch then the braid out is the perfect solution.

Doing a braid out comes in handy when you are trying to run in the opposite direction from having shrinkage.

Braid outs also give you a much tighter curl. You will also find that you get a lot more definition with a braid out as the hair is more tightly packed through the braiding process.

Braids out are definitely my go-to hairstyle.  I love the more stretched out look and I find that my hairstyle lasts a lot longer this way.

I like to do my braid out right after washing my hair and leave it to air dry as part of my natural hair regimen.

Doing your braid out right after washing it doesn’t always give you the full stretched out look that you are after so there have been times where I have done a braid out only to undo it the next day to redo it again for a more defined and stretched out look.

I also find that braid outs are much less frizzy for me.


Cons of a braid out

If there are positives to a hairstyle then there are usually negatives too, right?

Unfortunately, there are a few negatives to a braid out.

The drying time on a braid out seems to be much longer.  It has been known for my hair to take 2 days to dry sometimes.  This is not really ideal if you have places to go and things to do.

The other downside to a braid out is the time it takes to undo.  I can fully get on board with this argument because there have been times where I have to take a deep breath before I start to undo my braids because of the sheer patience that I need to do it gently.

You have to be very gentle when taking down your braids to make sure that you don’t cause frizzing. Too much handling can cause excessive frizzing.

Learning to take down your braids properly is make or break for the perfect braid out.


Twist out – the pros

Twist outs are what most people seem to refer to when it comes to low maintenance hairstyles.

The great thing about a twist out is that you can wear the twists out if you need to go out without having to worry about looking weird in public.

Having twists in your hair is a hairstyle all by itself so it’s almost like getting 2 hairstyles for the price of one.

There are a lot more options when it comes to twist outs as well. Doing a 2 strand twist out and doing a 3 strand twist out will give you different results.

You can be much more versatile in this way with a twist out.


The cons of a twist out

Twist outs come with a lot of shrinkage.  If you are not a person that likes to embrace shrinkage then you might want to think twice about doing it.

Twist outs have to be taken down very carefully as they can get very frizzy very quickly.

It’s also very important to learn how to sleep with a twist out at night.

I find that it is easier for me to go to bed with a braid out vs a twist out.  I find twist outs don’t keep their curl definition as well the next day.


Are twists better than braids?

I wouldn’t necessarily say twist outs are better than braid outs as they both have their pros and cons and it really comes down to a personal decision.

Some people can seem to get better results with a braid out while others find they get better results with a twist out.

It’s always a good idea to try both ways and see what works best for you and your hair rather than just going with what is more popularly known.


Are twist outs good for hair growth?

Yes, they are because whether you choose a braid out or a twist out both are pretty much low maintenance.

Low maintenance and low manipulation hairstyles help you keep your hair growing.  This is how I have managed to grow my own natural hair so fast.


Braid out


Do braids or twists last longer?

In my personal experience, I have found that a braid out tends to last me much longer but that could be partly down to the fact that I have perfected my art of a braid out much more than a twist out.

Generally speaking, I would think that a braid out would last longer as the definition is stronger making it more durable.


How long can a braid out or a twist out last?

It really does depend on how careful you are but on average you should be able to get it to last you roughly 5- 7 days.

On a bad run, you may only get 3 days out of it but I find that the less you fluff your braid or twist out on day one the longer the style will last you

Also, remember that your hair doesn’t have to remain down all the time with a braid out, you can style it in different ways too.


Final thoughts on a twist out vs braid out

No matter if you prefer a braid out or a twist out, your hair looks amazing with it.

Once you start to understand the basics of getting a great looking twist out it just gets better from there.


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