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8 Ways To Know Your Hair Product Is Not Working For You

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It can be difficult to know if your hair product is working for you or if your hair is just not behaving in the way that you would normally expect it too because of something else.

We can all have bad hair days but that is not what we are talking about today.  Today is all about trying to understand products and how different ones can make our hair feel and behave. 

Thankfully there are a few ways to know if your hair product is not working for you or not.


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8 Signs Your Hair Product Is Not Working For You


1. Your Hair Still Feels Dry After Moisturising

Hands up if you have ever experienced this before?  I know I have. There have been times when I have used a product in my hair yet still my hair feels dry afterwards.

Yes, it could be because your hair is low porosity but this can still happen even after you have used heat to get the product to penetrate the hair shaft.

If you are experiencing this then you could have a problem with your product.  It might be time for you to ditch that product and move on.


2. It’s Difficult For Your Strands To Clump Together

After you have just washed and clarified your hair it should be pretty easy for your strands of hair to begin to clump together to give you that great definition.

However, if after clarifying your hair it just doesn’t feel right and you have added product there could be a problem.  If your strands won’t do what you expect it to, you may want to take a look at the ingredients of the product you are using or it could just be a simple thing that the product is just not for you.

Not every hair product out there on the market will work wonders for your hair even if the ingredients are all-natural.  Hair is a complicated science and there are too many varying factors that contribute to how your hair behaves.


3. You Are Getting White Flakes In Your Hair

First of all, I would just like to add a little disclaimer here.  Sometimes products clash and when that happens you can begin to see white flakes throughout your hair.

If you are seeing white flakes and you have only used the one product then it would appear your need to try a new hair product.

No one wants to see white flakes in their hair especially when it is clean. 


How to tell is a hair product is not working for you


4. You’re Experiencing More Breakage Than Usual

This one is self-explanatory.  If you begin to see lots more breakage once you start to use a new product, just stop using it immediately.  It means that the product has something in it that your hair does not like.

Don’t try to keep using it because you feel that you have already spent money on it. Toss that thing into the trash.  Never be afraid to switch your product even if that product is a popular one that everyone raves about.

This goes back to my earlier point about not every hair product being right for every head of hair.


5. Your Hair Looks Dry Even After You Have Just Moisturised It

We all know that having shine (real shine) is a sign that you have healthy hair. Your hair products can contribute to that but you shouldn’t have to add tons of oil to your hair in order to get the shine that you want.

Products are there to help you get the best out of your hair and if your product is not helping you to do that then it is not the one for you.


6. You Are Not Getting Good Slip

Slip from a product is so important when it comes to natural hair because having slip allows you to easily detangle and helps to stop things like single strand knots from becoming rampant.

A good product will give you great slip so that you can easily manipulate your hair.  Trying to style hair when you have no slip from your product will ultimately lead to breakage.


7. Your Hair Becomes Very Hard To Detangle

Detangling is a job that most people would probably love to do without but unfortunately, we can’t avoid it altogether.

The products that you use in your hair should make the process of detangling easier and not more difficult.  

If a product does not make it easy to detangle your hair then perhaps you should try something new.


8.  You Now Have Even More Frizz

Products should not make your hair frizzy.  Good products should be able to lay the cuticles of your hair nice and flat which makes them smooth and not frizzy.

Setting aside issues of porosity the product that you use should help to reduce the frizz in your hair which can often make your hair seem less than healthy.


Final Thoughts On The Ways To Know Your Natural Hair Product Is Not Working For You

If you have products that you are using right now that fall into any of the categories above then you need to rethink how you want to go forward with it.

Never hold onto a product just because you have already invested into it as you could cause yourself greater issues later on.

Switch your product if you need to.  If you have been using a product for a long time that was working really well and all of a sudden it doesn’t work as well anymore then make sure you check that the ingredients have not changed.

Have you had issues with your hair product?


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