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Tension Method Blowout – Is This What You Have Been Missing?

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Choosing to blow dry your natural hair can seem scary at first especially when you read all the horror stories about people blowdrying their hair only to find out that it won’t revert after they wash it. Scary!

All that hard work down the drain.  The sad part is once you get damage that serious there are is only really one thing that you can do about it.

That is to cut it off, whether that be gradually or all at once you will have to do it at some point.

The good news is that there is a way you can safely blow dry your hair and still minimise the risk without suffering from permanent damage.

If you have never heard of the tension blowout method today is the day we are going to change that.

The tension method blowout is becoming increasingly popular among many naturals because of its ability to straighten your hair without the exposure to damage.


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What Is The Tension Method Blowout?

The tension blowout method involves you washing your hair and then stretching the hair using your hands and using a blowdryer to dry your hair from a short distance.

Its a very simple and effective method but if you are looking for a sleeker look then you may want to consider straightening using this method instead.



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Tension Blowout Method vs Hair Dryer With Comb

Most of us will be familiar with the regular way to blowdry your hair using a comb on the end of a blow dryer like this one.

Although the 2 methods are of similar nature they are not the same.


The Pros Of The Blow Dryer With Comb Method

The blow dryer with comb method is seen to be much more aggressive blowdrying as you are passing the comb through your hair several times in order to get it straight.



  • You get a much sleeker look 
  • The drying time is quicker
  • Helps with keeping your hair detangled



  • Increased use of heat
  • Could cause more breakage 
  • Contributes to moisture loss


The Tension Method

This is a much less risky way to dry your hair



  • It allows you to straighten your hair with minimum damage



  • Less straight than using the combing method
  • Takes longer to dry
  • May have to re-detangle your hair afterwards


How To Safely Use The Tension Method


1. Moisturise

Thoroughly moisturise your hair paying close attention to the ends of your hair as they are the oldest and most delicate.

You may not want to use the LOC method in this instance as the oil could cause your hair to fry if the heat setting is too high.


2. Protect

In order to use the tension blowout method you must always start by using a heat protectant.

The heat protectant will stop your hair becoming damaged in the blow drying process.

You can use one like this.


3. Use The Tension Method

Remember to do this in small sections to help you have good control over your hair and minimise tangles

Getting a blow dryer that has many interchangeable parts and setting is a great place to start.

This is a great example of a good hair dryer.



Final Thoughts On The Tension Method Blowout

The tension blowout method is a great way to straighten your natural hair.  Even though it won’t get your hair silky straight its perfect if you want to trim your hair or do a hairstyle that requires you to be able to easily braid it like cornrows.

If you have been afraid of blowdrying your hair then the tension method is definitely one to try!


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