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The day I decided that I wanted to ditch having relaxed hair and go back to being natural was the day that I realised that I had so much learning to do. I quickly realised that I didn’t know a thing about natural hair or how to manage it.

Keeping my hair hydrated was the hardest thing for me. I was completely clueless and often found myself walking around with dry, crispy, frizzy hair.

It wasn’t until I discovered the different hydration treatments for hair out there that I was able to see which ones worked best for me. Once I did that I found that my hair became much more soft, manageable and it grew so healthy.

If you are having the same issues as I was back then, perhaps it’s time for you to look into the different hydrations methods out there and see which will work best for you.

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9 Hydration Treatments That Are Perfect For Natural Hair

1. Deep Conditioning

Deep conditioning is one of those great things you might have been missing out on. The reason I love to deep condition my hair is because it allows moisture to penetrate all the way into the inner core of my hair strands. The moisture doesn’t just sit on the outside of the hair but it goes all the way into the core.

After I have finished deep conditioning I can always feel the difference in my hair. It just feels so much softer and alive.

I would suggest you deep condition your hair every 2 weeks but if that is too much for you then once a month can also work. Just remember do not over condition your hair, make sure you listen to your hair (not literally lol) to see if it likes what you are doing.

If you are stuck on which deep conditioner to use you can try this one. It’s great for natural hair and gets the job done.


2. Hot Oil Treatments

Experimenting with hot oil hydration treatments is a really good thing. The reason that I say “experiment” is that when you do a hot oil treatment you tend to use a mixture of different oils. Some will work better for your hair than others. Experiment with the oils to see which works best for you.

Or if you can’t be bothered to think about mixes you can just buy a treatment like this one off the shelf.

The reason that hot oil treatments are so good for hydration is that the heat from the oil opens up your cuticles allowing for deeper penetration of moisture into your hair.

This can be especially good if you have low porosity hair as it gives the strands of hair a chance to get some of that moisture.


3. Deep Heat Treatments

You might be wondering what a deep heat treatment is but deep heat treatments are great for hair. It’s another way to open up the cuticles of your hair to allow moisture to get inside.

To do a deep heat treatment you will need a heat conditioning cap like this one. There are many different variants of this and it really comes down to preference. Some people like to be able to do the heat treatment whilst on the move and some people don’t mind sitting down next to a plug point and waiting for the cap to do its thing.

Steaming your hair in this way is great because it will also help with stimulating your scalp to promote hair growth as well as giving you that all important moisture.




4. Hydration Mask

Using a hydration mask is another great way to lock in some moisture. Hydration masks serve by adding more moisture to your hair. They are also great because they contain a mixture of ingredients to help restore the health of your hair and scalp.

You can get a hydration mask from here.

They are pretty simple to use, all you need to do is to follow the manufacturers instructions on the packet.



5. LOC Method

The LOC method is a fairly common method of moisturising hair that most of us are familiar with.

It consists of using

L- Liquid

O- Oil

C- Cream

To do the LOC method you simply spritz your hair with a little water, add an oil of your choosing such as coconut oil, olive oil or jojoba oil. These are all sealing oils that you can use to loc in the moisture.

If you want to learn more about the LOC method you can do so here.



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6. Baggy Method

The baggy method is another effective hydrating treatment for natural hair. The baggy method works by trapping in moisture and helping to keep your hair hydrated.

To do the baggy method start with clean damp hair, add a little moisturiser such as this then put a plastic bag or shower cap over your hair. Next, cover the bag with a scarf or something to keep it secure and just sit for an hour allowing your hair to be moisturised by all the moisture trapped underneath the scarf.

If you want to read about the baggy method in more detail you can do so here.


7. Greenhouse Effect

The greenhouse effect uses a similar method to the baggy method but there are some differences.

The greenhouse effect works by trapping the moisture into your hair overnight or during the day if you wish. What’s great about the greenhouse method is that the process can happen whilst you sleep.

To do the greenhouse method you will need damp hair, a plastic shower cap, and some oils for your hair.

Another good thing about the greenhouse effect is that it serves 2 purposes. Firstly it can help with hydration and secondly, it also helps to promote hair growth stimulating blood circulation and encouraging your hairs natural sebum.

You can find out more about the greenhouse effect here.


Best hydration methods


8. Cherry Lola Treatment

The Cherry Lola treatment is a great hydration method but some people do not necessarily like it because of the technique involved.

The Cherry Lola treatment involves using Braggs liquid aminos and baking soda. This is not something that everyone is necessarily willing to give a shot therefore it’s not really always the top of the list.

If you do want to find out more about using the cherry Lola treatment for hydration you can find out more about it here.


9. Water-Only Washing

Water only washing is a little bit of a weird one because on one hand, it might seem that washing your hair with only water is not really washing your hair at all but in actual fact washing your hair with only water allows your hair to absorb the moisture that it needs.

Water only washing works because it doesn’t strip the natural oils out of your hair and therefore no conditioner is needed and you can just go straight to applying a leave in conditioner after you are done washing it.


Final Thoughts on The Best Hydration Treatments For Hair

As you can see from all the different options above there are so many great hydration methods for hair. They may not all be to your taste but there are few in there are can really make a difference to the health of your hair.

My favourite method by far is deep conditioning. I always notice a huge difference when I do this.

Don’t forget to keep your hair in a good state by drinking lots of water, sleeping with a satin bonnet and avoiding those harsh chemicals. All these things help to keep your hair healthy too.

What’s your favourite method?


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