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6 Signs Of High Porosity Hair That You Should Pay Attention Too!

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If you are new to the world of hair porosity it might feel a little overwhelming to you and that’s understandable. Knowing and understanding how porous your hair is can be tough to get your head around. 

There is actually a very good reason you should try to learn more about your hair porosity and the 6 signs of high porosity hair that you should look out for.


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The Number One Reason You Should Know Your Hair Porosity Level

Many people overlook their hair porosity because they feel that it doesn’t really matter when in fact it really does.  Hair porosity makes all the difference to how well (or not) that your hair absorbs water.

You might have believed in the past that products just did not react well with your hair or that your hair just didn’t behave in the same way that other peoples hair did.  Well, that was probably not the case.  It’s more likely that your hair just wasn’t able to receive the products well because your hair was either high or low porosity.

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What Is High Porosity Hair 

Simply put high porosity hair is hair where the cuticles on each strand of hair are not laid flat.  There are effectively gaps throughout the strands of hair.  When this happens it is very easy for the strands to take in moisture but also very easy for the moisture to leave your hair too because the strands don’t lay flat enough for retention to take place.


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6 Signs Of High Porosity Hair

There is a simple test you can do to see if you have high porosity hair or not.  

Place a clean strand of hair into a clean glass of water.  If the strand falls to the bottom very quickly then it is likely that you have high porosity hair. If the strand stays at the top for a while before sinking then you have low porosity hair. If the strand floats somewhere in between before sinking then you most probably have normal porosity hair which is the best type.

Aside from this test, you can also tell if you have high porosity hair through these simple signs.


1. Rapid Moisture Loss

Having to continuously add product to your hair because your hair is sucking it all up in a matter of moments is a good indicator of high porosity hair.

High porosity hair tends to soak moisture very easily but it just can’t hold onto it as there is no way to retain the moisture with lifted cuticles.


2. Frizzy Hair

If you take a strand of hair and run your finger down it you might feel that it feels quite bumpy.  What you are feeling is basically the lifted cuticles.

These lifted cuticles can also contribute to you having frizzy hair.


3. Hair That Feels Dry

If you are having to add water and leave-in conditioner several times a day or even every couple of days because your hair is feeling dry then it could be a sign that you have high porosity hair.

High porosity hair finds it very difficult to retain the moisture that it receives and dries out very quickly.


4.  Your Hair Tangles Easily

Everyone hates tangles and tangles turn up even more for those that have high porosity hair.

As the cuticles are lifted it makes it easier for your hair strands to become tangled around itself and other stands creating single strand knots and general tangles in your hair.


Signs that you have high porosity hair


5. You Have Dull Looking Hair

Dull hair is usually a sign of dryness.  As we already know now high porosity hair can’t hold on to moisture so it causes the hair to look and feel dry.

To overcome this those with high porosity hair tend to continuously add creams and oils in a bid to get more shine and moisture.


6. Your Hair Is Prone To Breakage

Hair that is not well moisturised becomes dry, hair that is dry breaks.

The problem with dry hair is that there is no elasticity and so it makes any little amount of strain on the strands susceptible to breakage.

If you are finding that you have excessive breakage this could be the reason for it.


How Do I Fix High Porosity Hair?

There is definitely no easy fix to having high porosity hair but there are a few things that you can do to make it a little easier.

1. Use heavier butters and creams in your hair such as shea butter or mango butter

2. Add protein treatments to your regimen to help your hair gain more strength

3. Deep condition your hair to make sure that moisture is going right down to the core of your strands

4. Use apple cider vinegar.  ACV is great for helping to close the cuticles of your hair especially after you have just washed it.

5. Use the LOC method to help you retain moisture.


Final Thoughts On The Signs Of High Porosity Hair

If you have noticed that your hair is exhibiting a few of these signs of high porosity hair it is certainly not lost hope.  

You can use the remedies above to help you manage your hair and over time you will get much better at managing it as you start to notice what your hair likes and does not like.