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LOC vs LCO Method, Which Is Really Best?

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I know it might seem like the title of this article is full of acronyms but just bear with me, I’ll explain.

There are quite a few acronyms floating around in the natural hair community but LOC and LCO are two that you need to know about.

I’m going to explain what both of these are and why they are good for your hair as we dig a little deeper into the LOC vs LCO method debate.


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LOC vs LCO Method


What Is The LOC Method?

LOC stands for Liquid, Oil, Cream. It’s a method that is used by many people who have natural hair and want to “lock” moisture into their hair.

As we already know retaining moisture in natural hair can be a little tricky to do. The LOC method is there to help you with that.

To do the LOC method you simply:

  • Spritz your hair with water or use a water based product (Liquid)
  • Add an Oil
  • Then finish up with a cream

It’s pretty simple, right?

Many people swear by this method of keeping their hair moisturised during the day.

To make this method easier to do you can work with your hair in smaller sections, rather than all at once.


What Is The LCO Method?

The LCO method is very similar to the LOC method but in this instance, we switch the method of application around.

To begin:

  • Spritz your hair it water or use a water based product
  • Add your choice of cream
  • Follow up with an oil of your choice.


Does The Method Really Make A Difference?

Some people swear that the choice between LOC and LCO makes a big difference in how their hair retains moisture.

There has been a big debate around which is actually best. The truth of the matter is that both methods are pretty good but you may find depending on your particular type of hair one way works better than the other.

I would say try both the LOC method and the LCO method and see which works best for your hair.


LOC vs LCO And Hair Porosity

Does hair porosity really make a difference in which method you decide to choose? Let’s take a look.

Firstly hair porosity is how well your hair is able to absorb and retain moisture.

If you have low porosity hair the cuticles lay tightly flat on the hair shaft making it difficult for moisture to penetrate the hair.

If you have high porosity hair your cuticles are wide open making it difficult for your hair to hold on to the moisture that it is given.


Which Is The Best Method For Low Porosity Hair

If you have low porosity hair you will probably want to use the LCO method because your goal is the PENETRATION OF MOISTURE.

The reason for this is that after you use the liquid, the cream will help with additional moisture and the oil will help to seal everything in.


Which Is The Best Method For High Porosity Hair?

If you have high porosity hair you will want to try the LOC method because this time your goal is the RETENTION OF MOISTURE.

High porosity hair dries very quickly so it’s important that it gets to retain as much moisture as possible.

After using a liquid, add a good moisturising oil such as olive oil. Follow up with a cream to help seal everything in.


Products That Are Perfect For Both LOC & LCO Methods

Leave-in Conditioner

Products for the LOC and LCO Method 


Oil for the LOC and LCO method

LOC method vs LCO 


Final Thoughts On The LOC vs LCO Method

Whilst both the LOC and the LOC method are both very good for your hair you really need to still experiment with what works best for you.

Some people say that for tighter curls (type 4a, 4b and 4c) the LOC methods works better, whilst for looser curls, the LCO method is best.

Again porosity can affect this too so it’s always best to try both and see which your hair prefers.

There is no hard and fast rule which applies to everyone. Take your time to experiment.


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